We are thrilled to welcome back Donagh Cottage Farm for Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend 2020. Run by father and son Brian and Jonathan Matthews, this is a dairy farm home to a pedigree Holstein herd.

The farm boasts a traditional farm courtyard with buildings maintained well throughout the years.

As you walk around, you can meet the calves who are fed on via an automatic machine – through technology and a transponder (an electronic necklace worn by the calves), they get fed just the right amount of milk that they need before they move onto a solid food diet.

Visitors, old and young, will be able to watch the cows being milked at 2pm each day. See the clusters in action as they collect the milk from the cows and watch the jars fill with delicious milk! Fourteen cows are milked down one row and you will be able to walk up the other row and see which cow gives the most milk.

On the farm, there will be the opportunity to taste a variety of dairy products vouch as cheese, yoghurt and milk.

Other activities on the farm include

Garden Quiz

Seed Planting

Farm Tour

Farm Walk

Fun & Games and much more!


You can contact us using the details provided below or alternatively you can complete the online enquiry form opposite:

Name: Donagh Cottage Farm


Email: info@openfarmweekend.com

Web: www.openfarmweekend.com

Address: Donagh Cottage Farm, 15 Lisnasure Road, Donacloney, Co Armagh, BT66 7NN.



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