CAFRE Greenmount Campus is the centre of all things green – that’s agricultural, horticultural and environmental.

The 200 hectares around the campus is used for arable, dairying and lowland beef farming. The dairy unit milks 200 cows with a 40 point parlour. This unit incorporates the newest technologies in comfort housing and cow handling, waste management and parlour systems.

Another 1,100 hectares of hill land, with 1,100 ewes and 100 suckler cows, is managed in an environmentally sustainable manner to promote wildlife and protect habitats. Both farms are used by CAFRE technologists and advisers to demonstrate and promote the latest advances in agriculture and land use. Students get involved in these projects too.

We also have a constructed wetlands system, an artificial wetland which acts in a similar manner to the bio-filtration action of natural wetlands. There we channel waste water from the farm through a series of five ponds and at the end it is of good enough quality to release into a stream. Students use this site in their environmental science work.

June is the Love Dairy month as part of the NI Year of Food and Drink. CAFRE students based at Loughry College will travel to Greenmount to make ice cream so visitors will have the opportunity to taste during Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend. There will be sheep shearing demonstrations and plenty of activities in the walled garden for children to plant bulbs and trees.

Visiting CAFRE Greenmount is a great way to find out more about careers in agriculture and horticulture.


You can contact us using the details provided below or alternatively you can complete the online enquiry form opposite:

Name: CAFRE Greenmount Campus

Tel: 028 9442 6601



Address: CAFRE Greenmount Campus, 45 Tirgracy Rd, Muckamore, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT41 4PS.



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