Friday 31st July

Castlescreen Farm

11:00am – Welcome to Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend

  • Plan Your Day 1 Viewing Schedule
  • Meet the Farm Hosts
  • Video: Castlescreen Farm

11.30am – Get Cooking with Michelin Star Chef Alex Greene

  • Hear from Alex & his farming background

11.45am – Video: Alex Cooks his Signature Dish

  •  Video: Millbank Farm

12:00pm – Schools Competition Sponsored by ASDA

  • Schools competition launch
  • Video: Judging Schools Competition
  • The competition winners are revealed!

12:30pm – Kids Zone

  • Ulster Farmers’ Union Kids Activities
  • How Does your Garden Grow?
  • Video: Donagh Cottage Farm
  • Time to get Active with Kid’s PT Classes

13:30pm – Animal Corner

  • Video: CAFRE Equine Enniskillen Biodiversity
  • Get buzzy with Jackie’s bees
  • Video: CAFRE Greenmount Campus
  • How to Groom your Dexter Calf
  • Video: CAFRE Equine Enniskillen Farm
  • Goat Yoga
  • Video: Churchview Farm
  • Petting farm
  • Animal Olympics
  • Video: Laurel View Farm

15.45pm – Goodbye from Castlescreen

16:00pm – Video: Paula McIntyre Cooks Dexter Steaks

Saturday 1st August

Broughgammon Farm

11:00am – Welcome to Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend

  • Plan Your Day 2 Viewing Schedule
  • Meet the Farm Hosts
  • Video: Broughgammon Farm

11.30am – We’re Not Kidding!

  • Meet the Broughgammon farm goats

11.45am – Farm Shop is Serving up a Treat!

  • Select a Picnic Box of delicious Irish farm produce
  • Video: Paula McInytre Cooks Goat loin

12:15pm – How Does Your Garden Grow

  • Growing plants in a small space
  • How to use your own herbs in cooking
  • The Humble Spud: Hear about the John Clarke potato story
  • Video: Jamison Potatoes

12:45pm – Learn About the Veal Calves

  • Chat with farm owner, Robin Cole
  • Video: D&D Holland
  • Video: Paula McIntyre Cooks Lamb

13:30pm – Ulster Wildlife Experience 

  • Focus on farm conservation
  • Hear about the Grassroots Challenge partnership with YFCU and Ulster Wildlife
  • Learn simple steps on how you can better support your environment

14:30pm – Get Involved at Broughgammon Farm

  • Learn about its delicious themed workshops
  • Go behind the scenes of its popular Supper Club
  • Video: Hillstown Farm & Farm Shop

15:00pm – Cheers! @ Hillstown Brewery

  • Learn what makes Hillstown so unique
  • Hear about its famous Beer Fed Cattle
  • Enjoy Long Meadow Cider tastings
  • Video: Long Meadow Farm

15:30pm – Get Back to Nature 

  • Hear about Nature Friendly Farming Network
  • Video: Drumrammer Farm
  • Video: Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute

15:45pm – Goodbye from Broughgammon

16:00pm – Close

Sunday 2nd August

Armagh Apple Farm

11:00am – Welcome to Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend

  • Plan Your Day 3 Viewing Schedule
  • Meet the Farm Hosts
  • Video: Armagh Apple Farm

11.30am – Special Guest: Ex Ireland and Ulster Rugby Star, Rory Best:

  • From the Pitch to the Field – Rory’s career and farming highlights
  • You Are What You Eat: Why Food is Fuel for the Body
  • Facebook Live Q&A
  • Video: Acton House Farm
  • Video: Bessvale Farm
  • Video: Paula McIntyre Cooks Chicken Pie

12:30pm –Orchard Focus

  • The Health Benefits of Cider Vinegar
  • Apple Juice Tastings
  • Video: Mossbrook Farm
  • Apple Tree Healthcare

13:00pm –Meet the Four-legged Farm Friends

  • The mares & foals at Armagh Apple
  • Video: Cafre Enniskillen Equine Farm
  • Video: Bullsbrook Farm

13:30pm – Rural Crime Partnership

  • Farm Crime Prevention
  • Video: Rural Support Farm Video
  • Video: Drumderg Farm

14:00pm – Blossom to Bottle

  • Cider Tastings
  • Apple Butter – tastings with Groucho’s on the Square, Richhill
  • Video: Paula McIntyre Cooks Armagh Apple & Cider Compote

14:30pm – Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster 

  • Chat with Rory Best as Patron
  • UFU & Ulster Wildlife
  • Water Challenge

15:30pm – Winners Announced 

  • Alex Greene’s Signature Dish Winners
  • Laurel View Ducklings Named

15:45pm – Goodbye from Armagh Apple

16:00– Close